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Who Enters

Americana Photo Awards is open to professional and amateur photographers shooting in all forms of photography, using traditional or digital methods. We encourage classic styles, new creative ideas and photographers who are driven by their artistic eye and a desire to excel in this classic art form.

Entry Fees


Single Entry $35


Single Entry $30

Early Bird Specials

2 for 1 Special $35

10 Multi-Pack Special $210

5 Multi-Pack Special $105

Early Bird Specials

2 for 1 Special $30

10 Multi-Pack Special $180

5 Multi-Pack Special $90

Portfolio Rewards

Receive 10% back from entry fees with our "Rewards" program. Rewards are added to next year's Portfolio.

Trade Discount

Members of photography clubs and groups receive 10% discount off entry fees!


Early Bird Deadline

Early Closing Deadline

Closing Deadline



  • 2400 pixels max. longest side
  • 120 ppi
  • sRGB mode
  • jpeg format
  • Filename:
  • Lastname-firstname_title


  • Maximum size of 11" x 14"
  • Not framed or mounted

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Enter?

Open to professional and amateur photographers from any country worldwide shooting in all forms of photography using traditional or digital methods.

How do you classify Professional or Amateur?

Professional category is for photographers whose occupation and income is made as a photographer. The Amateur category is for photographers who do not make their main income from photography.

How do I enter?

Create your online Portfolio, upload your images and pay entry fees. Your entry is submitted when entry fees are paid. You will receive an entry confirmation email upon payment of entry fees.

What is the final deadline for submissions?

All entries must be received by the Closing Deadline - midnight (PST) Friday, September 13, 2024. No entries will be accepted after this date.

How much are entry fees?

Entry fees are $35 (Professional) or $30 (Amateur) for a single image entry. Entry fees are non-refundable.

What is the Early Bird Deadline?

The early bird deadline offers a discount on entry fees. Deadlines are subject to change and may be extended.

What are the Specials and how do I get them?

You can submit 2 single entries for the price of 1 with the "2 for 1" Special - ends May 24th.
You can submit 5 or 10 single entries with the "Multi-Pack" specials - ends July 19th.
To pre-order specials - upload placeholder images and pay. Placeholder images to be replaced before the Closing Deadline.
Entry fees are automatically calculated using the best discount at time of payment, upload all entries before paying entry fees. Entries do not have to be in same category. Specials can be used multiple times.

What is the Trade Discount and how do I get it?

Members of photography trade groups, associations, societies and clubs receive an extra 10% discount off entry fees. To qualify, click link at checkout and input your group's name.

How can I pay my entry fees?

You can pay by visa, mastercard, amex or paypal. All payments are processed in USD currency.

What are Rewards in my Portfolio?

You earn 10% Rewards on entry fees. Rewards are added to your Portfolio at the opening of current year. Rewards can be used to pay entry fees.

How many images can I enter?

There is no limit to the number of images you can submit.

Can I enter the same image into multiple categories?

Each image can only be submitted into one category.

Can I enter work that has been published?

Published and unpublished work is accepted.

Can I enter an image that has won or been nominated before at the Americana Photo Awards?

Winning and nominated images cannot be entered again.

Is there a time limit on when the photograph was taken?

There are no restrictions on the date of photograph.

What happens to the copyright of the images and how will the images be used?

Copyright remains with the owner at all times. Submitted images may be used to promote the awards. The photographer’s name will always be credited with an image. (See usage).


Your personal information remains private at all times. Only your name, country, biography and website are shown publicly on the website. We respect your privacy and will never sell your data to third parties.

What size of files can I submit?

Digital images must be 2400 pixels max. longest side, 120 ppi, jpeg format, sRGB. Files should be named lastname-firstname_title.jpg (no accented characters in the filename).

Can I submit prints, books or CDs?

We recommend submitting digital files. Prints are accepted and will be digitized and uploaded to your Portfolio. Books are not accepted. You can mail a CD of digital files. Prints and CDs will not be returned.

Can I have my logo or name on the photograph?

Images must not have any embedded marks, logos, names or borders.

Do you accept digitally manipulated images?

Digitally manipulated images are accepted.

Do you accept AI created images?

AI created images are not accepted.

How do I replace or delete my entries?

You can replace any image by clicking on the image (give the new image a different filename). Entries where entry fees have been paid cannot be deleted, they can only be replaced.

How do I change the title, caption or category?

You can change the title, caption or category by clicking on the image.

What is the caption?

The caption is for anything noteworthy about the photograph, such as when, where or why it was taken, subject, context, etc.

Lobbying and contacting the judges:

Jury members donate their time to the awards. Lobbying and unsolicited contact to the judges invariably leads to their withdrawing from the panel. This is a huge loss to both the awards and participating photographers. Lobbying and contacting jury members is instant disqualification from the awards.

When are the results announced?

Winners and nominees will be announced at the live online Photoshow, December 7, 2024.

I am a Winner or Nominee, what do I do now?

Prepare an Acceptance Speech to be posted on the website.